January 1st – a new year and a brand new chance to do better and make a positive change!

I love January 1sts. They signify a start with golden promises to ourselves, that we will be better versions of ourselves. They give us the conviction, that anything is achievable, if we put our minds to it.

Maybe we don’t quite live up to our resolutions. Maybe we only achieve half the goal – maybe we change it along the way. But any change starts with the belief, that change is necessary and achievable. Active Citizenship is about making a positive change by utilizing the partnerships we have in our community to identify the problems in our communities and the solutions necessary to solve them. It is about utilizing our talents and those of our partners to have as much impact with the resources available as possible.

In 2013 JCI Denmark is actively implementing the Active Citizenship Framework in the organisation’s strategy. I believe that the members of JCI Denmark already exercise Active Citizenship – it is part of the original thoughts behind Junior Chamber International. This year the organization is going to take it up a notch and consiously implement the philosophy in much of our work.

Change is necessary and achievable and I am convinced that this New Year’s resolution will be fulfilled in full.

I cannot wait to get started!


About mamaduckdk

I am the mother of two amazing children, The Duckling and The Ninja. I manage the President's Office at a business College and spend my spare time (if any) on running and on charity work in a network organization called Junior Chamber International. In 2011 I wrote a weekly newsletter as a part of my voluntary work and when my work was done and I handed over the job to someone else, I missed writing and decided to have a go at blogging instead. The blog is slowly evolving as I learn from other bloggers and experiment with the style of writing, the layout etc. Most of my blogs are in my native Danish but I will write in English regularly as well - some of it new material and some of it translated from the Danish original.
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