Analysis in colour

I know that my original idea was to use projects in al of my seven blog posts this week but I will allow myself to stray from that principle and do things a little diffent today. When I planned my workshop for the JCI Denmark Great Development Day in the Spring, I suddently realised why the Impact principles are resonnating so beautifully with me: It is like a perfectly harmonic ensemble, a perfectly matched project group. If you are a jaycee you might recognize the colour codes 🙂

Colours in JCI

In JCI we talk about each other in colour a lot. For an example, I am very red/green/yellow and not really that blue – unless I am under pressure and turning blue. Not in the literal sense, of course! Bad joke, I know. The colour codes are representing four different persona archetypes – let’s call them the goal oriented persona, the social persona, the the encouraging persona and the inquisative persona, and I think that we all have all four colours represented in us. I am not an expert but on the Insights Denmark website you can do a test to see where you are place on the colour chart. It is a simple test and I recommend that you get a real profile done if you want to use it for something.

Applying the colours to the Active Citizenship Framework

A project by the ACF-principles must include the following: Need, engage, action and solution. Written in colour:

  • Green: We are making a positive difference together
  • Yellow: We are thinking outside the box and creating new relations
  • Red: We take action
  • Blue: We are asking questions until we are sure that we have selected the right solution (and problem for that matter)!

The different parts of the ACF-model will appeal to different personas. The Green persona will love to participate in a project that makes a positive difference for others – especially if the project is done in partnership with other committed people. The Yellow persona will thrive with thinking outside the box and make new relations. The action oriented Red will love the results driven point of action. The Blue persona will find comfort in the knowledge that the right solution has been carefully selected on the basis of a very well thought through proces.

The problem with monochromes

But, what if the project group consisted of people of only one colour? What if the ACF-model only embraced one of the points on the list? The Green persona might be able to make a positive difference by himself – but maybe lacking the necessary skills to take the leap and make a real difference. The Yellow persona is really good at thinking outside the box and to create new relations, but without a thorough analysis of interests, one risk blowing a lot of steam without getting much out of it. The Red persona risk acting the project to death – because if she doesn’t include the beneficiaries of the project and secure a sense of ownership, the project doesn’t stand a chance surviving beyond the pilot project. Finally, the Blue persona with er thorough methods can benefit from the support of other personas so new solutions and relations can help develop the solution.

The colourful conclusion

The analysis above is of course generalising the topic. I know a lot of “Blue people” who are perfectly capable of getting results and “Red people” who are great listeners, ect. My point is that it is important to include different personality types in the chapters’ projects just as it is important to remember all four steps in the ACF-model.

Perhaps you already identified yourself in the ensemble. Remember, that it is easy to play yourself – try to challenge yourself and take on one of the other personalities. I guarantee you that you will learn something new and maybe even discover that you actually have some red/green/yellow/blue in you 🙂

If you are curious to learn more you can contact Mats Schou, JCI Denmark Training Manager 2013. We have several Insights trainers in Denmark who will be happy to teach a course in the Insights principles and help you and your chapter to better understand yourselves and each other.


About mamaduckdk

I am the mother of two amazing children, The Duckling and The Ninja. I manage the President's Office at a business College and spend my spare time (if any) on running and on charity work in a network organization called Junior Chamber International. In 2011 I wrote a weekly newsletter as a part of my voluntary work and when my work was done and I handed over the job to someone else, I missed writing and decided to have a go at blogging instead. The blog is slowly evolving as I learn from other bloggers and experiment with the style of writing, the layout etc. Most of my blogs are in my native Danish but I will write in English regularly as well - some of it new material and some of it translated from the Danish original.
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