There is no need to always be in the driver’s seat!

To make a sustainable difference is about identifying real problems in corporation with the local community and identify our own competencies and lack of same in order to enter into relevant partnerships.

Partnerships cannot be separated from Active Citizenship. It is a fundamental part of the framework for local JCI chapters to consider partnerships in order to create a bigger impact and promote the chapter, JCI and our work. Partnerships should always be based on common values. The partnerships themselves can never distract us from the main purpose of the project because the purpose of the project is more important than the potential partnership.

During the years the local chapters in JCI Denmark have entered into formal and informal partnerships with companies, individuals and other organisations. In 2013 Partnerships is a particular issue in the JCI Denmark strategy and both national and local initiatives have been launched. If you want to know more about Partnerships in JCI, please contact National Partnership Director 2013 Dennis Holm Christensen.

The local chapters are not always the primary driver in the projects, they engage in. The key here is that the chapters offer their expertise and become a valuable partner in projects that other organisations have initiated. The local JCI chapters can offer a unique combination of dedication, talent and a world wide network with important partners.

Among such partnerships is the corporation with the organization “Victim Aid”. The organization aims at making society and the system put victims of violence before the perpetrators on the agenda. The organization is touring Denmark with a photo exhibition where the victims are returning to the places of the crimes and are wearing make-up in order to recreate the moments right after the attacks.

JCI Denmark supports the project and has been visible with the Victim Aid organization at two music festivals in 2013. Local chapters have participated by organizing for the exhibition to be shown several places around the country.

The project is a great example of how local chapters in JCI with our expertise, network and dedication can help partners succeed in their endeavors.

As young leaders, JCI members hold the key to solving some of the most oppressing challenges of our times.

Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General


About mamaduckdk

I am the mother of two amazing children, The Duckling and The Ninja. I manage the President's Office at a business College and spend my spare time (if any) on running and on charity work in a network organization called Junior Chamber International. In 2011 I wrote a weekly newsletter as a part of my voluntary work and when my work was done and I handed over the job to someone else, I missed writing and decided to have a go at blogging instead. The blog is slowly evolving as I learn from other bloggers and experiment with the style of writing, the layout etc. Most of my blogs are in my native Danish but I will write in English regularly as well - some of it new material and some of it translated from the Danish original.
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