Active Citizens engage the community in defining and solving problems.

Begin in your community… begin at your university, begin in your own little town…

The quotation is from former Secretary General to the United Nations, Kofi Annan. His words confirm the JCI believe that civil society must be part of the development. JCI define active citizens as people who identify challenges, engage the community and take action to create sustainable solutions.

Today I could read on my facebook page how one of the chapters in JCI Denmark was accepting the challenge and was having a meeting with local politicians analyzing the problems in their local communities. I was so happy to read that. It is important for us to remember that our projects only truly have impact if we have the support of those who benefit from our work. They need to be involved in defining the problems so we don’t end up solving issues that were never problems – or simply not a priority in our local communities.

I cannot wait to talk to the chapter president to ask how it went and what they expect to get out of their meeting in the long run. I bet there is a learning opportunity there for me and the rest of the organization.


About mamaduckdk

I am the mother of two amazing children, The Duckling and The Ninja. I manage the President's Office at a business College and spend my spare time (if any) on running and on charity work in a network organization called Junior Chamber International. In 2011 I wrote a weekly newsletter as a part of my voluntary work and when my work was done and I handed over the job to someone else, I missed writing and decided to have a go at blogging instead. The blog is slowly evolving as I learn from other bloggers and experiment with the style of writing, the layout etc. Most of my blogs are in my native Danish but I will write in English regularly as well - some of it new material and some of it translated from the Danish original.
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